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ABM provides custom facility solutions in urban, suburban and rural areas to properties of all sizes – from schools and commercial buildings to hospitals, data centers, manufacturing plants and airports.

Apple Business Manager (ABM) and Apple School Manager (ASM) are free services introduced by Apple to provide organizations and educational institutions an integrated platforms to deploy and manage their Apple devices. For clarity, this Apple Business Manager Agreement is a successor to the Apple Device Enrollment Program Agreement. غير مسجل في Apple Business بعد؟ التسجيل الآن. Apple Business Manager is a web-based portal helping IT administrators deploy iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Get started with Apple Business Manager.

Previously known as Apple Device Enrollment Program or Apple DEP, Apple Business Manager automates the enrollment process for IT admins. شروط وأحكام Apple Business Manager.

If your organization currently uses the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), you need to upgrade to Apple Business Manager.If your organization only uses the Volume Purchase Program (VPP), you can enroll in Apple Business Manager and then invite existing VPP Purchasers to your new Apple Business Manager account. It gives companies some important tools for managing Apple devices, as well as greater convenience and control around ordering, inventory and licenses.

Federated authentication uses Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to connect Apple Business Manager to MS Azure AD.

“Apple” means the following, unless otherwise specified herein: (a) Apple Inc., located at One Apple Park Way, Cupertino, California 95014, U.S.A., for … For more information, www.abm.com. They can easily provide employees with access to Apple services, set up device enrollment, and distribute apps, books, and custom apps — … ABM Industries Incorporated, which operates through its subsidiaries, was founded in 1909.

MS Azure AD is the Identity Provider (IdP), which contains the user names and passwords for the accounts you want to use with Apple Business Manager.

About Apple Business Manager (ABM) Apple Business Manager (ABM) is Apple’s latest foray into meeting the needs of enterprise IT.

If you restore from a backup onto a different iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, your supervision state comes from Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

For example: If you configure a device to be supervised and automatically enrolled in MDM, then restore a backup made when the same device was unsupervised, the device will be unsupervised.

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